• Game Face

    Utz® Snacks Super Bowl Promotion. The Utz® brand is all about the action and experience of snacking. In the promotion, Utz® fans could post a pic of their "Game Face," for a chance to win a major prize package.

  • Outdoor

    Outdoor advertising tactics included billboards along major corridors in the tri-state market and bus wraps and bus stop wraps in major cities.

  • Radio

  • Social

    Facebook promotion, targeted ads and boosted posts.

  • Video


  • Digital

    Target pre-roll video, iAds in-App advertising, and Pandora digital radio.

  • All American Chip Day

    March 14 is National Chip Day. Allebach was charged with capitalizing on the day for Utz by developing a significant, newsworthy event.

    Key objectives:

    • Create social/PR buzz
    • Build awareness of the Utz brand
    • Distribute high-volume sampling
    • Boost social media fan base
  • Experiential

    Flash mob, on-site live remote, sampling teams, and food truck gathering.

  • Outdoor

    I-95 digital billboards, sidewalk mats, projection graphics.

  • Social

    Facebook promotion, Viral Tweets and Instagram pics with the Utz girl, with #getsnacking

    • 15,000 new likes in 12 days
    • 3,506,080 Facebook impressions
  • Digital

    Pandora audio and digital campaign via web and mobile. Digital mobile and display advertising.

    • 22,104,352 impressions
    • 52,508 clicks
  • Radio

    CBS Radio flight, 2,957,831 impressions

  • STEAK-UMM® -

    Due to current trends toward “healthier” meal options and competition from other quick meal choices, the iconic Steak-Umm brand was in need of a make-over.

    “Release Your Carnivore” was developed to engage a younger, edgier audience, boldly proclaiming the Juicy, Delicious 100% Beef that meat-lovers crave.


    Based on research findings, we side-stepped “better for you” discussions to “own” Steak-Umm’s core strengths of Juicy, Delicious 100% Beef and Mouthwatering Flavor. This video morphs into a heated good vs. evil argument between an outrageous, in-your-face meat eater vs. angelic, halo-wearing veggie-lover.

    Following the "good vs. evil" theme we took the Steak-Umm "Release Your Carnivore" message out on the road with multi-frame animated subway entrance signage, transit posters, and bus wraps.


    By using the best voice outtakes from our “good vs. evil” video, and adding a millennial dude part for our video’s non-speaking character, we created an audio spot as captivating as the original.

    To quote the spot: “Dude, this is awesome.”


    We targeted a young, edgy audience on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram for a fraction of the cost of traditional media. The in-your-face, pro-meat message nearly started a full-scale throwdown with Vegans, but hey! Ya gotta stand up for what you believe in.

  • Make Love

    Allebach brought romance to a legacy brand with a disruptive campaign that’s being loved by “matures” & millennials.


    Stop ‘em with mobile-moded, rewarding (learning/laughing) creative they’ll love. That’s good social.


    We get that your ad needs to be loved on small & fast-paced consumer phones and not just on giant screens. Digital tactics include: Pandora radio, programmatic, and iAds.


    Allebach gave viewers an intimate look into the passion, meticulous attention to detail, and love that goes into every cup of Red Rose tea.

  • Dinner Sausage Promotion

    With increased competition in the sausage category, Hatfield wanted to breathe new life into their legacy brand of dinner sausage. Allebach was tasked with developing a consumer marketing plan to drive awareness and trial.

  • In-Store

    "Hear the Sizzle. Taste the Difference" was launched with a strong in-store POS presence, including:

    • Posters
    • Mobiles
    • In-Case Dividers, Rail Strips, and Cards
    • Cooler Case Displays
  • In-Home

    FSIs and digital advertising were utilized to activate consumers in-home.

  • Experiential

    “The World’s Largest Sausage Patty,” events were held at retail grocery locations. Consumers gathered to watch “The World’s Largest Sausage Patty” being cooked and samples, t-shirts, and coupons were distributed

  • Digital

    Big Green Egg Grill giveaway promoted on website and Facebook accompanied by a Pinterest grilling campaign.

  • Radio

  • Good Health Rebranding

    Good Health was an established brand in the healthier snack category—found predominantly in specialty grocery stores. With the growing trend towards healthier eating, Good Health decided it was time to revitalize their brand and make a push toward mainstream.

  • Logo

    Allebach modernized the existing logo to have more mainstream appeal, while maintaining a look and feel that still resonates with core natural consumers.

  • Packaging

    New packaging was designed that differentiates Good Health in the snack aisle. Vibrant colors complemented with natural design elements create a strong brand-block that commands consumer attention.

  • Website

    A new website was designed to support the brand.

  • FSI

  • eNewsletter

  • Blogger Content Generation Program

    • Custom written blog posts created by bloggers on BlogHer network
    • Content distributed through custom content amplification media units across SheKnows Media
    • Branded custom content hub page on
    • Each blogger also promotes their blog posts across their social media platform driving awareness across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social networks.
  • “Go Mediterranean” Brand Campaign

    Our challenge was to drive awareness and education of hummus, build the Sabra brand, initiate trial usage, and sell through at store level. Today, Sabra is the #1 brand of hummus in the USA and was recognized as one of the top 50 brands by Advertising Age.

  • Trade Ad

    National retail trade advertising to build excitement around hummus and the Sabra brand.

  • Consumer Advertising

    Allebach developed an integrated brand campaign consisting of national print advertising in mainstream magazines, targeted FSIs, online couponing, and digital advertising.

  • TinTin Promotion

    With flat sales due to increased competition and decreased marketing, Alouette® partnered with Paramount Pictures to promote their brand, along with The Adventures of Tintin movie. Allebach was tasked to fully developing this campaign from strategy through execution.

  • Trade Direct Marketing

    3-phase direct mailing was developed and targeted to deli buyers.

    1. Treasure Map
    2. Ship in a Bottle
    3. Treasure Chest
  • Trade Advertising and Promotion

    Advertising was placed in retail trade publications to introduce new products and build awareness of the promotion

  • Consumer In-Store

    Consumer point-of-sale material was developed to activate consumer engagement and promote Feed Your Taste for Adventure, a chance to win 10-day European adventure. POS tactics included:

    • Posters
    • Life-Size Freestanding Display
    • Ceiling Mobile
    • Case Cards
    • Floor Decals
    • Balloons
    • On-Pack IRC
    • Recipe Cards
  • In-Home

    Tactics to reach consumers in-home included:

    • FSI
    • eNewsletter
  • Brand Campaign

    Bell & Evans Chicken had a large percentage of their product private labeled, giving them ownership of distribution, but not a brand.

  • Consumer Print Ads

    Brand-building campaign for Bell & Evans in national consumer publications

  • Consumer In-Home

    Direct mail targeted to natural products consumers and regional FSIs. Branded TV spot ran on cable TV in select regions.



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