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John Soules Foods

John Soules, a national player in the frozen foods category, was founded in Tyler, Texas 45 years ago.

They wanted to launch a new line of Southern Style Chicken—with an incredible brand position—it tastes exactly like Chick-fil-A.

They had just one problem—very little brand awareness among consumers.

The solution? Leverage someone else’s brand equity—with a carefully-worded, tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign comparing the taste of John Soules’ Southern Style Chicken to “the fast-food chicken you can’t buy on Sundays” (which, of course, everyone knows is Chick-fil-A), along with matching visual cues that closely parallel the fast-food brand’s. And a simple yet memorable new brand tagline, “Chicken with Soule™.”

The results…well, they were clucking amazing.

Social & Pre-roll Video

For video, we utilized a charismatic voice actor with a soft, home-spun drawl to tell customers not to worry, the chicken they’re craving is available every day of the week from John Soules.


Digital and social ads linked back to a new “Southern Style” landing page that once again refers to “that fast-food chicken you can’t buy on Sundays” (wink-wink). Say hello to your new favorite Sunday afternoon - and every day - Chicken!

John Soules Foods website

Digital Display

Targeted programmatic digital ads were utilized to reach our audience, with headlines like “Sunday Afternoon Chicken” and “Takeout Without Going Out” on little white placards reminiscent of C-f-A ads.

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