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The Power of Lateral Thinking

As food marketers, we tend to think that telling potential customers how delicious our products are is enough. It’s why most new product launches and ad campaigns simply feature high-appetite food photography showing products at their mouthwatering best. Add a headline calling out product attributes and a few lines of aspirational body copy, slap “New” on it, and call it a day.
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Leveraging Social Advertising for CPG Food & Beverage Brands

How much time do you spend on social media each day? 5 minutes, 10 minutes—some, even couple hours. Just think about that, then think about how there are currently over 3 billion social media users and that 69% of US citizens use some type of social media. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly 225 million pairs of eyeballs that could potentially be seeing and spending time with your brand!
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The Advertising Benefits of Branded Reaction GIFs

Across the landscape of social media platforms there seems to be an endless set of tools to utilize for your content creation. Emoji’s, memes, Vine-style videos, long-form videos, branded photography, text joke formats, leetspeak, the list goes on. One tool that users have been all over the past few years has been GIFs. The GIF file was invented by Steve Wilhite in 1987 and they’ve been around since the beginning of Internet culture in one form or another. The “dancing baby” and “hamster dance” were classics from the late 1990s. Countless GIFs were shared across Myspace in its heyday and many more are created every day on platforms like Twitter or Reddit.
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