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How Full is Your New Product Pipeline?

Are you currently launching innovative, new products for your food or beverage brand? Do you have ideas in the pipeline for the next 6 months? The next year or two or three?

New product innovation is key to the success of every brand. If you’re simply relying on your current product offering for the future of your brand—then you don’t have a sustainable growth model.

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Sustaining Your Food Brand’s Growth

Many CPG food brands are continuing to see record sales growth. However, there are many questions that accompany this growth…How long will this growth continue? When will this spike start trending down? Should we increase capacity? How can we reach and retain the new households that have purchased our brand—some for the first time? Will we see sustained growth? If so, what will it be…2%, 5%, 10% or more?

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Am I “Reaching” The Right Consumers?

“Consumers are currently purchasing my brand 5 times. If I could increase their buy rate to 6, I could grow sales by…” I’ve heard this theory/thought-process a thousand times. And the fact of the matter is—it doesn’t work. If your goal is to grow your brand, this strategy will never get you there.
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Web Developer

Up-beat, fast-paced, dynamic, suburban Philly marketing firm seeking experienced web developer to work with their digital team.

As a Web Developer, you will be expected to work with Account Executives and the Digital team on all web-related projects.  You will be using your expertise of web development to consult on proposals, creative design, and different methods of presentation and data delivery.  You will be responsible for web development and programming internally.  


  • Consult on concepts and ideas
  • Consult on interactive and creative design
  • Develop websites from creative designs
  • Develop and program web-based applications
  • Carefully review and test all work for errors and omissions
  • Make all requested changes and corrections promptly and accurately
  • Multi-tasking within tight timeframes and deadlines
  • Continual learning of programming applications and techniques

Experience Needed:

  • Programming Experience in PHP
  • Custom web application development and/or custom applications for CMS
  • Experience with standard web technology (WordPress/HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery)
  • Experience with both MySQL & MSSQL database
  • Creating and implementing database schemas
  • Experience with Git or other Version Control Systems
  • Experience integrating 3rdparty APIs
  • Experience with SSH, Linux, and Photoshop

Bonus Experience:

  • Experience with other languages (ex. Python, Perl, Ruby, Java)
  • Experience with SASS, Gulp, Microsoft Excel, Joomla
  • Experience with Facebook App development
  • Experience with Mobile App development
  • web apps (cordova, phonegap, etc)
  • native apps (iphone, android, windows)

Qualified candidates should submit resume via our application

Advertising In Crisis

The coronavirus has infected every aspect of our lives. Our loved ones, small businesses, our global economies, governments, and our entire online discourse. People are on edge and exhausted, but they can’t look away from the screen. Updates are constant and confusing. Misinformation is everywhere. Some companies are cutting hours, some are going out of business, and others can’t keep up with demand as their products literally fly off the shelves from panic purchases.

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Plant-Based goes Incogmeato

No, that’s not a typo – Incogmeato’s a clever new brand name for a new line of plant-based burgers, brats and Italian sausage poised to begin hitting backyard grills across America during the next few months, just in time for prime grilling season. As the name suggests, the goal for the products was that they be indistinguishable from their traditional meat-based counterparts.
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