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Why So Many Brands Are Flocking To Twitter and Instagram

It’s no secret that a wave of brands have hit Twitter and Instagram in recent years to build their audiences. The big question is, why? Facebook once dominated this space. Brands joined in droves, creating pages and amassing likes. Although it’s still a corporate monolith with advertising dollars that easily outperform every other platform (besides Google), it’s lost nearly all media attention and hype. Facebook has become the rejected childhood toy of the bunch. Everyone still has one, but no one wants to play
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Is Big-Brand CPG Dominance Over?

The new IRI New Product Pacesetters report is out. And although their findings indicate mass market is still in decline overall, it seems that smartly targeted markets are growing. And that has more to do with how accurately the opportunity has been forecast than the size (and depth of the pockets) of the company bringing it to market. Small Companies (annual sales under $1 billion) are doing a better job of understanding how consumer wants and buying practices are evolving, targeting an opportunity, then moving quickly to deliver the right product to the right audience at the right time.
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This episode of the Peppered Podcast is with Dan Follese, executive chef and founder of both Follese Consulting and the Food Trend Translator. In the food and beverage biz, innovation is a powerful influence with consumers and can be a strong driving force for brands. And, most innovation is driven by consumer trends. Knowing what the current trends are and hitting them at the right time, can make or break a food or beverage brand.
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