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Get Tactical With Consumer Profiles

Jennifer Scheel
Jennifer Scheel Account Executive

As discussed in last week’s post Who’s Who With Your Brand, all consumers fall into one of three basic profiles: Devoteds, Temperates or Dabblers.

You may not believe that a cheese manufacturer has the same consumer profiles as a pork processor, but read on and you will see that they do.

Devoteds: Love it Temperates: Like it Dabblers: Take it or leave it
  • Loyal to your brand
  • May purchase at retailer or shop online
  • Most likely to promote your brand to others
  • To become brand advocates
  • To interact with your brand online and via social media
    • Likely the smallest profile in terms of percent of the market
  • Spread spending across multiple brands
  • May or may not be aware of your brand
  • Motivated by
  • Incentives, offers and prmotions
  • May interact with your brand online in order to receive offers
  • Largest profile in terms of percent of the market
  • Not loyal to any one brand
  • May or may not be aware of your brand
  • Wouldn’t actively seek out your brand
  • Motivated by incentives/offers/ promotions
  • Not motivated by brand engagement online or otherwise
  • Likely slightly larger percent of the market than the Devoteds

So why should you care?

Within your marketing mix you need to reach each of these consumers with different tactics. This isn’t to say that all consumers couldn’t be impacted by any of these tactics, but simply that some tactics will influence certain profiles more than others. I am oversimplifying…

In-store POS – Everyone can be influenced by in-store POS (or POP). POS gets the attention of the Devoteds with the brand name, while the Temperates and Dabblers are attracted to the offer or promotion.

On-pack, Couponing, Promotions – The Temperates and Dabblers will be the most impacted by on-pack IRCs, coupons and / or announcements of a promotion. While Devoteds might like getting $$$ off, they are first and foremost motivated by brand names.

Retailer Online/Print Networks, Print/Digital Media – Different profiles will be affected differently by these tactics. Seeing the brand name will get the attention of the Devoteds. The Temperates and Dabblers will be attracted to the sale price or offer.

eMails, Social Media, Brand Website – In this case “eMails” refer to those going out to your database of customers, therefore this impacts the Devoteds. Since Devoteds are most likely to interact with your brand via social media and your brand website, they will be the most affected by these tactics as well.

One other thing to consider and to be debated — where should you spend the most money? The Dabblers? The Temperates? Or the Devoteds?

But that’s a question for another time…

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