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Who’s Who With Your Brand

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

In food marketing it’s expected that customer segmentation and profiling is part of the marketing strategy and planning process. Often times, this can be overly complex, and, in typical marketing fashion…not very practical or actionable.

Here’s an easy, effective way of looking at it: your brand has Devoted followers. They love you. Temperates, who like you. And Dabblers, who can take you or leave you.

They are loyal to your brand. No other brand compares. They are ambassadors of your brand, talking about you to their friends, posting on social media networks, and influencing others to use your brand.

They want to know about you and stay connected to you, so they join your club or email group. They won’t wait until your brand goes on special to buy, however, it’s very beneficial to make them feel appreciated, by sending them coupons.

Devoteds will frequent your website, try your recipes, look for new ways to incorporate your brand into their eating routine.

They should be the first to know about new products and product extensions. Use them as a resource to answer questions about new product ideation and existing product experience.

Treat your Devoteds specially. Invest in them. The lifetime ROI is well worth it.

Well, they like you, but they’re not in the same league as Devoteds. They’re not loyal to your brand, but they do use it and they are open to trying your brand extensions of other flavor profiles. However, they do purchase on impulse and are typically motivated by incentives, offers, and promotions.

They will engage with you or others on social media, but won’t necessarily put themselves out on a limb to endorse you. They are consumers of your product and can be motivated to purchase more frequently, but it has to fit into their shopping pattern.

It takes some work, but you can influence Temperates to cross over to Devoteds, with the right loyalty tactics. They represent a very viable audience for you to target and will yield a high return on your marketing investment.

These folks are not usually loyal to yours or any other brand. In fact, they may or may not even be that aware of your brand. They like the product or category, but are not high users, like Devoteds and Temperates. They are motivated strictly by price.

You want to invest little to no resources targeting this group. They can hear about your brand from the halo effect of your advertising and in-store initiatives and will continue to account for incremental sales.

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