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Advertising In Crisis

How brands and marketers should respond to coronavirus

Nathan Allebach
Nathan Allebach Creative Director
The Steak-umm Twitter Guy
Adweek Top 100 Creative

The coronavirus has infected every aspect of our lives. Our loved ones, small businesses, our global economies, governments, and our entire online discourse. People are on edge and exhausted, but they can’t look away from the screen. Updates are constant and confusing. Misinformation is everywhere. Some companies are cutting hours, some are going out of business, and others can’t keep up with demand as their products literally fly off the shelves from panic purchases.

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Putting The Cart Before The Store

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

Combining street food convenience and restaurant quality, mobile kitchens are bringing good, cheap food to a pavement near you. And while some industry observers had begun to dismiss food trucks, declaring them promotional ploys or training wheels for brick-and-mortar – they are far from reaching their peak. Food trucks are like a test kitchen on wheels. From tacos, to falafels, to waffles – food trucks are known for their creative ingredients and newly fabricated cuts of meat, and artisan beverages.
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