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Spanning The Years ‘Ads: Then & Now’

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

I recently read an article in Path to Purchase which called attention to Triad’s Pinterest Board, Ads: Then & Now.

This comparison of product ads from 40-60 years ago to current ads, took you for a tour of years gone by. It was like walking into the homes of my parents’ or grandparents’ and opening the pantry. Oh how times have changes and the products that have changed along with the times. My observations of how the ads have changes from then till now are:

“Then” ads:

  • Communicated product features and benefits
  • Focused on present times
  • Suggested how the product could currently benefit you

“Now” ads:

  • Focus on where the product can take you
  • Tell you what you can experience because of this product
  • Suggest who the product helps you become
  • Connect with your feelings
  • Encourage living life to its fullest and enjoying the fun side of life

Campbell’s “now” ad doesn’t focus at all on the product but simply consists of 3 Campbell’s app views from an iPhone, turning the focus to their accessibility and understanding of how you currently communicate.

Source: Uploaded by user via Triad Retail Media on Pinterest

The products that have been around for the last 50 years have apparently kept current with where their viewers are and what is important to them. Keeping current to the times and in tune with your viewers goes a long way… maybe 60 years or more.

Below are some other examples or you can view the entire Triad’s Pinterest board here.

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