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How Do People Prefer To Get Their Advertising? You’ll Be Surprised.

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

Marketing research firm, MarketingSherpa asked consumers how they would prefer to receive communications from brands and retailers. For those of us in the ad biz who are lustily embracing every new social/digital media that flies down the WorldWide InterWeb SuperHighway @ us, its insights are surprising. Stunning, even.

Only a wayward 8% percent (lunatic fringe?) of respondents said they didn’t want to receive any marketing outreaches (there goes your “people hate advertising” theory), with each respondent citing preferences regarding advertising medium of choice, ways of discovering new products, and how they like to receive promo info.

Interestingly, more than one-third of those surveyed said they preferred to get email from brands on their smartphones. And this is somewhat surprising, because when mobile marketing is talked about, email is sometimes not included. Cutting-edgier topics like location-based marketing, iOS iBeacon, for example, and apps tend to get the most attention. Stunningly, nearly half of those surveyed cited print ads as their preferred advertising medium. Go ahead, read that again, we’ll wait.

Here are some additional Surprises & Stunners:

Preferred Advertising Medium
(When Away From Computer)
47% Print Ads
37% Smartphone Email
24% Radio Ads
20% Text Messages
17% Billboards

Fave Ways of Discovering New Products
59% In-Store Browsing
57% Word-Of-Mouth
47% Search Engines
34% Newspaper/Magazine Articles
26% Online Advertising
10% e-Commerce Sites

Got Promotion? Hit Me Here . . .
54% Regular Mail (a.k.a. “junk” mail? Guess again)
49% Subscribed For Emails (I Choose Frequency)
38% Visit Company Website (“Proactive Promo Prowling,” i.e., no prompt needed if they already know & love you)
20% Social Media (Yeah you read it right)

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