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Catalina. . . Not Just An Island

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

Couponing remains one of the most effective ways to drive trial and create loyalty among consumers. However, finding the best vehicle to reach a consumer can be a challenge.

Catalina Marketing delivers point of sale exposure to consumer packaged-goods manufacturers through full color, printed coupons that are on the back of a receipt. Their program is installed on over 31,000 retail systems within supermarkets and drugstores. Using behavioral ad targeting, they are able to locate consumers based on their known purchases as well as brand and category affinities.

This has become an efficient way for brands to retain and attract new consumers with a redemption rate of 7% compared to an industry average of 2.84% (according to Inmar Coupon Trends). Their data provides visibility into 80% of U.S. households, which allows brands to capitalize on consumer trends. Targeting lapsed users can bring products/brands to the top of mind for consumers, who may have tried other products or simply forgotten about a brand.

For consumers, the Catalina network distributes coupons on items previously purchased or are likely to be purchased based on your shopper profile. This tactic leads to the higher redemption rates versus using demographic data. Consumers are much more likely to keep them for their next visit to a retailer.

There are many strategies for influencing purchase behavior at the point of sale— from packaging, to shelf talkers, to free standing displays. Catalina places the coupon in the consumer’s hands. Well worth checking out.

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