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Is Small The New Big?

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

We think so. And, I am not talking about weight loss or smaller cell phones. We’re talking agencies. Not Ogilvy, not Y&R… boutique agencies.

As the economy falls into what some call more uncertainty, and others call recession #2, marketers continue to look for new and innovative ways to showcase their brands without showcasing their spend. While most agencies worth their salt can develop a strategic marketing plan that offers brands, regardless of size, unique, creative, and “social” advertising programs that expose brands and drive lead flow (at a cost-effective media buy), the attached price for agency intelligence tends to rise like the rent on the floors they occupy in Manhattan.

Now, that may be worth the investment if you were gathering intelligence from top brass, or even a team of agency executives that specializes in your market…but chances are, depending on your size (under a $3 million investment), your marketing program is in the hands of YOUNG agency generalists that have limited experience launching and sustaining brand equity for an individual market category (e.g., food and beverage).

While the address is not as sexy, the boutique agency comes with centered market intelligence, solely focused on a category, learning everything they can about target, trade, research, success and failures within each discipline, and more before you even meet. And when you do, there is no bait and switch. Boutique agencies are generally structured whereby senior management (the guys that wear the fancy neck ties, and depending on where they are located, the nicest sandals),invest themselves in your account (whether project or program) from pitch to launch, analysis to networking. Oh, and the best part, the boutique agency’s address and lean focus allows them to live in a world with less overhead – transferring those savings towards client fees.

So is small the new big? Just ask Kraft, Frito Lay, L’Oréal Professionnel, Olympus and several other giant brands that have entrusted their identities to boutique agencies. Yes, small is the new big.

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