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The Value Of Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Jennifer Scheel
Jennifer Scheel Account Executive

I just came across a very interesting article on that I thought worthy of sharing: Brands Leverage Influencers’ Reach on Blogs, Social.

In summary, this article explains the value of blogger outreach campaigns:

  • Of all social media channels, bloggers are most likely to influence purchasing decisions.
  • Bloggers have “greater than average reach among consumers.”
  • Consumers are influenced by people that they respect, such as bloggers.
  • Bloggers can help to gain Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and website visits.
  • In 2012 Brands spent only 12% of their social budgets on influencers and bloggers.

Action Plan

  • Pick the right bloggers. Those are bloggers that are writing about things that are important to your target consumer in relation to your brand. If you are a cheese manufacturer, pick bloggers writing about the best cheeses and / or fantastic cheese recipes.
  • Be patient. Mentions don’t happen overnight, and neither do results. You need to build relationships with these bloggers. Get to know them, and let them get to know you and your brand; it will pay off.
  • Continue to cultivate these relationships. They won’t mention you all of the time, but when you have something new or different it’s definitely worth encouraging them to tell their followers. If the relationships are in place, the mentions will follow.
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