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Social Goes Mainstream For The Holidays

Scott Cooter
Scott Cooter Creative Director / Senior Copywriter

The holiday shopping season is finally upon us. With Thanksgiving less than a week away, our mailboxes have been packed with Black Friday and Pre-Black Friday mailers and flyers for weeks now. Ditto the Sunday papers: stuffed to the gills with inserts from every retailer you can think of.

If all that seems pretty normal, don’t let it fool you – something major has changed since last Christmas. Social has just officially broken through to mainstream America – and if you need proof, you need look no further than Macy’s “Share the Magic” holiday eblast.

This year, Macy’s is connecting customers in an unprecedented number of ways – through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, their Mblog style blog, Tumblr, Pinterest, iPhone and Android Apps, even SMS texting. And they’re not alone.

Speaking of mainstream, Bed Bath & Beyond is encouraging their customers to “Get in the Social Swing” and hang out with them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Not only does their smartphone App let you shop, it fast-tracks you right into the Bridal Registry.

Saks Fifth Avenue? Hooked up with customers through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Foursquare, with a Tumblr feed and its own App.

Dillards department store down south does Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Apps and a blog.

And lest you think only high-end department stores are on top of the trend, even discount fashionista T.J. Maxx is with it, using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a YouTube channel to connect with maxxinistas this season.

So yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But this year, he’s not the only one that can see whether you’re being naughty or nice – your Facebook friends and Pin-Pals will be checking out your stockings, too!

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