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Seize The Mobile Opportunity

Nancy Landis
Nancy Landis Account Coordinator

“Mobile is too big of an opportunity for retailers to not properly seize.” says Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility. Mobile presents many strategic advantages for retailers to differentiate their brand, strengthen customer relationships and loyalty, and ultimately drive revenue. While nearly 83% of the top retailers already provide a mobile offering, there are only one-in-three who actually provide all three platforms – mobile web, iOS and Android.

A recent post featured Chiquita’s big hit as they stepped into social media for the first time. As part of their 2012 Summer FanFun Sweepstakes and partnership with Little League, they worked with FunMobility to create a multi-platform app. This encouraged consumers to check-in at their favorite retailers to participate in the sweepstakes, interact with games, make Little League baseball cards and ultimately connect more with the brand and the retailers carrying their product.

The platform for the app that backed the FanFun Sweepstakes, has since launched into a program called Mobile Retail Rewards, a new turnkey solution for retailers, CPG companies and brands. Mobile Retail Rewards makes it possible for retailers to easily create apps on both platforms, as well as the mobile web, better capturing the attention of their audience. As stated in a fall press release by FunMobility, “The primary benefit of the new Mobile Retail Reward solution is that it provides an easy to manage platform through which ongoing location-based mobile campaigns and promotions can be deployed and optimized for the highest ROI.”

Mobile Retail Rewards advantages to retailers:

  • Promote retail sales and diminish showrooming
  • Incentivize customers with mobile sweepstakes, digital coupons and in-store unlocks
  • Drive foot traffic with mobile location-based check-ins and on site retail promotions
  • Branded mobile mini-games to motive and reinforce the desired user behaviors
  • Improve customer satisfaction through interactive engagement
  • “Mobile is transforming the retail experience,” said Levine, CEO of FunMobility. “We are already seeing the proliferation of smartphones in retail environments, and marketers recognize how mobile can connect with consumers in real-time and drive them to in-store locations to fight showrooming, build loyalty, and convert visits to sales.”

There are a number of mobile apps available, helping retailers keep in constant contact with consumers regarding special deals, promotions, packages and events, tailoring their messages for individual customers based on their previous buying habits. With American consumers becoming increasingly more connected, why not seize the moment and take the opportunity to connect.

Reference: News Release, September 12, 2012, FunMobility Launches Mobile Retail Rewards Solution for Retailers, CPG and Brands

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