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Reaching Customers Via Cooking Videos

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

It’s official: YouTube is now second to only Google itself in terms of search queries. Which only makes sense — when we want information about something, we Google it, but when we want to know how to use something or cook it properly, we visit YouTube to watch a video on the right way to do it.

Over a billion unique viewers visit YouTube every month, watching over 4 billion videos a day. And foodies use it just as much as anyone else, with the Food Network and Epicurious channels fast becoming two of the most popular YouTube food channels.

For food brands and manufacturers, the ever-increasing popularity of both cooking shows and video content creates many opportunities for creating brand followers. After all, what more convincing way to show customers how easy it is to prepare your products than to let them watch you do it in your own videos?

Since most food photography is shot in fully outfitted photo kitchens, perhaps the simplest way to ease into cooking videos may be during a packaging photo shoot or your website’s recipe page. Set up a video camera and tripod as your chef prepares the food, and have him or her keep talking about what they’re doing as they do it.

Keep in mind that high production values are not as critical initially as starting to build a following. Post videos to your website and to YouTube, and get the message out they’re available via eblasts, tweets and links. As your video library grows, consider creating a YouTube video channel like Kraft, Betty Crocker, and the Food Network have done.

Above all, remember that you’re the expert and chief cheerleader for your brand. The tone will come through in your videos.

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