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Modern Marketers Are Data Chefs – Building A Strategy Menu

Christian Betlyon
Christian Betlyon Director of Strategy & Digital Services

Marketing is more complicated than it ever has been. We have unbelievable access to data and so much of it that we can use to improve our marketing and increase results. This can be overwhelming for marketers and brand managers because there are so many questions to ask:

What data is most important?

What do you track?

How do you use it?

Modern marketers must become data Chefs, because the data holds the keys to the customers and their needs. Just as ingredients, pairings and presentation hold the keys to flavor and the customer pallet.

Chefs are classically trained in cooking school and then continue to learn dishes and techniques throughout their career. Modern marketers need to do the very same, and the learning required is moving faster than ever! Any marketer can educate themselves and execute on individual tactics, as any cook can execute recipes from a cookbook. Building marketing strategy and managing the data that is generated from a digital campaign requires an additional level of thought and finesse, similar to a Chef constructing a menu.

A menu is not just a random series of dishes – it is a carefully curated experience that works together to complement the strengths and weaknesses of each plate. Strategy is more than knowing how to cook a dish, its understanding which ones work together, and more importantly, what does not belong on the menu. It is the understanding of all tactics and vision of the core function of every tactic selected. A strategy requires you step away from the cookbook to see the menu as an experience.

Once marketers have an understanding of the core function for every tactic in their strategy, they will know how to both cook a recipe and whether or not it belongs in the menu.

What is on your strategy menu? What do you forego to make a complementary pairing of tactics?

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