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Is Your Website A Destination?

Jennifer Scheel
Jennifer Scheel Account Executive

Too often brands are busy promoting themselves rather than becoming a trusted resource and/or partner. Brands need to earn the right to tell consumers how great they are. I ran across two sites and a blog recently that are doing a great job of becoming a partner/resource.

Kellogg’s Non-Branded Website

A great site from Kellogg’s. They include information from a variety of their snacking brands but really focus on overall entertaining. Do they include recipes and serving suggestions that feature their products? Yes. Do they go beyond that by including craft ideas for parties, entertaining tips and more? Absolutely!

Clement Pappas Website

Clement Pappas makes the majority of private label juice in the US. Their site is focused on becoming a trusted resource to food industry leaders. I bookmarked the site to get information on the latest trends in the industry. Check it out!

Nonni’s Biscotti Blog

While this blog isn’t the easiest to find, it’s loaded with interesting information; with only gentle reminders of their product. If you go to the September 11 post, they give eight fall family activity suggestions and Nonni’s isn’t mentioned until #8! Now this is a destination!

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