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From Online Discovery To In-Store Experience

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

Consumer food brands often wrestle with effectively bridging the gap between online and in-store shoppers–most of the time over complicating the marketing process. It’s simple; most consumers discover your brand online, and then activate in-store.

Online/Mobile Shoppers
78% of all US shoppers go online to research and purchase products and services. This means they either discover, validate, and/or activate your brand online.

91% of consumers say that something they have done online has prompted them to visit a store. Email continues to be the biggest influence, with 60% of consumers being motivated to visit a store after receiving an email with a special price or promotion.

These same consumers are influenced with coupons, online ads, online circulars, social media, and organic and paid search.

So the strategy is simple, reach your consumers and influence them online first, and then drive them to a physical store. Easy.

In-Store Shoppers
Keep in mind that even though shoppers are in-store now, they are still connected. 71% of shoppers say that they want access to digital content in the store for price comparisons, product reviews, expert advice, and of course instant deals and savings.

Let’s connect some dots from online discovery to in-store purchase activation:

Recipes. Consumers love new recipes, and it’s a fact that they are loyal to brands that successfully link their products with recipes.

Interactive Displays. Online and mobile consumers love the digital, interactive experience. Meet them in-store with it.

Apps. Connect with your consumers at home, on the go, and in-store with apps.

Make it Personal. Reach your consumers with customized, personal digital advertising that aligns with their buying behavior.

Get Social. Meet your consumers where they are socializing and get engaged.

Blogging. 42% of shoppers are influenced by bloggers. Get serious about advancing your brand in the blogosphere.

QR Codes. It’s easy and the digital generation loves them. Use them on packaging, promotions, POS, and more.

One other thing to keep in mind, although shopper decisions are heavily influenced by online activity, 74% of consumers still make impulse purchases at the store level. In fact, browsing in a store is the #1 driver of impulse purchases.

Data from 2012 Dimensional Research, December 2012 online consumer survey of shopping habits.

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