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Creating Shareable Social Content

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

Believe it or not, simply being active and engaged in social media is the baseline entry point these days. You’re no longer on the social frontline anymore just by having your brand on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The new bar is now having content that’s worth sharing.

Yes, keeping up with creating new content is important. Making it relevant and valuable to your friends, fans, and followers, is too. But, developing content that they WANT to share, that’s where the money is today.

People share content on social media for many reasons, but most fit into one of these buckets:

  1. It’s a reflection of who they are or who they aspire to be. They share it because it makes them feel good, important, smarter, or more informed.
  2. They want to give something of value to their circle of influence. Whether it’s new information, helpful or “how to” tips, a chance to win something, or simply a coupon. They truly want to share something of value with people they care about.
  3. They’ve transcended “friendship” or “fanhood” to become loyal, dedicated, DEVOTED brand enthusiasts. They buy your brand regularly. They talk about you. They truly love you, and joyfully share your content. They are your DEVOTEDS.

You may have hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers in your social platform, but your Devoteds are typically only a small percent of that, maybe 1-3%—if you’re lucky. You must: 1) treat them differently. Connect with them in a special way. Reward them. Encourage and incent them to share your content or better yet, create user-generated content (but that’s another article altogether). And, 2) get more of them! Work hard to convert more fans and followers to Devoted brand enthusiasts.

The first part is easy. You can recognize your Devoteds in many ways—simply acknowledge them by responding: comment or reply back, private message, or give a special shout-out. You can send them product, include them in special surveys, give them first dibs on new products, or send a coupon. Just let them know you saw their content, appreciate them, and want to see more. Show some love!

The second part takes a little more work. The good news is, that if they “like” or take the time to “comment,” they’ve raised their hand and said “hey, I’m interested in your brand.” This is where compelling content comes into play. It’s easy to simply make daily posts or add fun pics. It’s hard to really come up with great content—content people want to share. Ask yourself some questions: What can I provide to my base of fans that is really of value? Maybe some way of utilizing or preparing your product that they’ve never heard of? A creative, helpful, innovative kitchen tip? Partner with a chef to come up with some trending recipes with your brand, or better yet, develop a series of short videos. There are limitless ideas. You just need to make the time to get creative.

Social content isn’t rocket science, but there is somewhat of a science to it. People share content for personal and emotional reasons, and that doesn’t always align with classic marketing goals and strategies.

Just remember; “Likes” are good, “Comments” are great, but “Sharing” is GOLD!

Good luck with your social sharing.

Here are some food brands who are having success with consumers sharing their social content:

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