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Combine Print And Digital Worlds To Enhance Brand Experiences

Jamie Allebach
Jamie Allebach Chief Executive & Creative Officer

It’s nothing new for a brand to incorporate digital elements to engage and interact with consumers. They have a website, Facebook page, or Twitter account to become more interactive and engage their audiences. In fact, it’s generally expected. Consumers have become accustomed to interacting with their favorite brands and sometimes getting exposed to new brands based on these customer experiences, especially with the viral nature of the consumers sharing their content.

Often there are benefits for the consumer such as access to special offers, coupons, discounts and content. All of these add to the over all brand experience.The introduction of QR codes has helped to mobilize interactive brand experiences – consumers can take action right then and there with their smart phone. Just scan and be taken to more information, content, etc.

Now brands are beginning to push the envelope even further by making printed content/ads and packaging interactive in some very innovative ways. Using innovations such as augmented reality, in combination with neat ideas and promotions, brands are doing all sorts of out-of-the-box engagement. Here are some examples:

(Tip – Though there are many companies and applications out there– you can download the Aurasma app on your phone and create your own augmented reality animations with any image you want)

An app for iPhone and Android smart phones allows consumers to scan various print images from magazine ads, posters or even the product packaging itself to bring to live interactive elements and games using Augmented reality. The images, content and games take place within the device, however it exists only within the image being scanned on the camera. Check out how it works in the video.

They also launched a separate app to use in conjunction with an interactive billboard in Times Square!

ID Gum
a Kraft foods product, ID Gum is clearly targeting teens and is doing so in a very interesting and interactive way.

From the flavor profiles and packaging design to incorporating real artists and technology. By scanning the art on packs of gum with the ID Gum ArtCade app players unlock digital versions of the art work with information on the artists PLUS awesomely qwerky games. The games can be played within the app or on Facebook. See the videos below.

A different twist on using a device in conjunction with a printed ad. Instead of scanning something and watching or using your device, you simply put your iPad behind the page of the magazine and press play through the paper. A new technology was invented which they are calling CinePrint.

FoodTracer is more of a consumer application to get more information and compare products on the shelves. It’s not advertising in nature but its more of a consumer tool. Check it out.

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