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Sell Sheets And The Not-So-Obvious

Jennifer Scheel
Jennifer Scheel Account Executive

We all know what a sell sheet or product information brochure is, and the information it needs to contain — SKUs, sizes, who to call — but there are two things that are often forgotten: Appetite Appeal and WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?).

Appetite Appeal
I’ve heard clients say, “But these are deli managers / meat managers” (insert any food purchaser title). What you don’t hear is that these decision makers are consumers, too. Their emotions and stomachs play into their decisions, as well as sound business reasons. Make them hungry for your product, and they’ll want to stock it.

2. What’s In It For Me?
It isn’t enough to tell them how great you think you are. You need to show them you’re listening and care about what’s important to them. Telling them your product is delicious isn’t going to cut it– you need to spell it out. They should stock your product because A) it’s going to make them money, B) it’s going to make them look good to upper management, and C) it’s going to make their customers happy.

Take a look at your sell sheets and be honest with yourself: have you included appetite appeal? Are you focused on your customer and what interests them? Or have you included only the packaging and the information that’s important to you?

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