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WITH Jeff Metzger

My guest on this episode of the Peppered Podcast is Jeff Metzger, President of Best-Met Publishing and publisher for Food World, Food Trade News, and the Mid-Atlantic Grocery Industry Directory.

Jeff has been a “go-to guy” for decades for manufacturers, brands, retail executives, buyers, brokers, or anyone who needs to be in the “know” for the grocery biz.

If you want to know what’s going on in food and beverage retail, tune in to this episode, where we discuss:

Adapting to how and what consumers are eating

  • Where they are purchasing
  • The new role of e-commerce
  • Meal kits and their impact on brands
  • What categories are growing
  • The Millennial and Gen Z effect on retail
  • How private label is affecting brands
  • Who are the hottest retailers?
  • And much more
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