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WITH Jamie Allebach

On this episode of the Peppered Podcast, we will be discussing Appetite Appeal. Not only is this one of my favorite topics in food and beverage marketing, but it’s a critical component in growing brands.

The LOVE of FOOD is one of the strongest human emotions.

Food fantasies—anticipating that special moment. How our imaginations can just run wild.

It doesn’t just happen. Appetite appeal has two fundamental driving forces: Science and Art.

The Science: Our metabolic need to eat. We need food and liquids to fuel our bodies. Humans have powerful mood-altering neurotransmitters in our brains that activate these senses, which ultimately drives us to eat. To crave.

The Art: Unlike the science behind your appetite, the emotional aspect of eating is often driven by art and creativity. We eat with our eyes, ears, and imagination long before we actually taste anything. This is the artistry of creating appetite appeal.

Join me as we discuss:
The metabolic need to eat
How our brains create the impulse or desire to eat
Why most hunger and thirst is purely emotional
The dopamine effect
The artistry tapping into the emotions of appetite appeal
We eat with our eyes and imagination
Using words and imagery to mimic real-life eating experiences
And much more

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