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WITH Tara-Ann Dugan (National Pork Board)

Tara-Ann Dugan is the Director of Consumer and Marketplace Insights for the National Pork Board and has more than 12 years of food marketing and research experience, spanning across McDonald’s Corporation, Nielsen, IRI, and Hammacher Schlemmer. She has some great insight not only in the protein category but eating occasions in general.

On today’s show we will be taking a deep dive into the wonderful world of pork, meat, and protein.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Changing consumer needs
  • 9 dinner occasions identified in the new Dinner at Home in America research
  • Do Millennials and GenZ know how to cook meat?
  • Perceptions of pork and meat
  • The role of Retail POS
  • How has “plant-based” impacted the pork category?
  • What’s new and innovative in the pork industry?
  • Transparency
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