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WITH Joe Sideranko(Ipsos)

This episode of the Peppered Podcast is with Joe Sideranko, from Ipsos. Ipsos is a global leader in the area market research, and one of the world’s largest provider of advertising testing services.

As I’ve worked with Ipsos over the years, I’ve found their products and process to be incredibly helpful in refining creative and ad work. Their approach is different than any other research firm that I’ve worked with when it comes to creative testing.

Ipsos offers a full range of concept, creative and advertising testing, and on this episode, we will be discussing their Early Stage Lab and ASI-Connect products.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Creative ad testing methodology
  • How qualitative and quantitative can work together—simultaneously
  • Instantaneous results can have profound impact on creative
  • Emotion trace technology
  • Transparency and collaboration in the creative process
  • How to get to Brand Breakthrough with your creative
  • The “Clutter real”
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