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Our Process

  • Current Strategy:
    Identify key concerns to be addressed.

  • Research:
    Industry and current market data.

  • Consumer & Employee Insights:
    Assess hurdles and oppurtunities.

  • Implementations:
    What? Where? Why?

  • KPIs:
    How is success currently defined, monitored, and measured?

  • Goals:
    Growth, budget, timeline & KPIs

  • Objectives:
    Sales, Marketing, Advertising

  • Process:
    Identify approach and actions needed to develop a marketing plan

  • Markets:
    Utilize data to determine market strategy and segementation

  • Targets:
    Segmentation based on geo, demo and behavioral attributes

  • Media:
    Identification and selection of media based on objectives

  • Forecast:
    Project strategy based on known factors and data

  • Brand Platform:
    Create brand distinction and visual, verbal and emotional attributes

  • Execution:
    Align creative with market, target, and media strategy

  • Validation:
    Use consumer testing to confirm communication success

  • Activation:
    Alignment with marketing plan

  • Timing:
    Identify key check-in and reporting times

  • Analytics:
    Utilize sales and media results to rate campgaign performance

  • Optimization:
    Monitor and adjust campaign to maximize effectiveness and efficiency

  • Reporting:
    Provide full wrap-up on campaign results

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