Souderton, PA: Allebach Communications was selected by Grainful™ to work on new packaging rebrand.

Grainful™ had the inspiration of taking a popular breakfast trend, steel cut oats, and making them available to consumers at retail. Driving consumers to try steel cut oats “beyond breakfast,” was the goal.

“We like to partner with brands we can really get excited about,” says Jamie Allebach, Chief Executive & Creative Officer at Allebach. “Grainful is the kind of unique—fresh concept that the entire agency can get behind.”

Allebach’s first assignment was to work on developing the brand and packaging for Grainful’s new line: Steel Cut Sides. The new brand look was such a hit with retailers, that the existing frozen entrée line was quickly redesigned as well.

Next steps for Grainful include retailer specific advertising initiatives, as well as targeted consumer advertising.

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About Allebach
Allebach Communications specializes in food and beverage marketing. Allebach has been in business for over 25 years, serving regional, national, and global clients and brands such as Entenmann’s, Utz Quality Foods, Steak-Umm, Alouette Cheese, Hatfield Quality Meats, Salada and Red Rose Teas, Amoroso’s, Aramark, Icelandic Seafood, Pretzel Crisps, and Sabra Hummus, Inc.

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Allebach Communications helps launch Grainful™