Souderton, PA: Allebach Communications is proud to unveil the new brand for North Carolina based Good Health Snacks.

“We’ve been working with Good Health for the past 4 months, building on the foundation and essence of their existing brand and developing a new look, position, and consumer message,” says Jamie Allebach, Chief Executive & Creative Officer of Allebach Communications.

With healthier eating trending strong with mainstream consumers—and showing no signs of diminishing—Good Health felt the timing was right for a new go-to-market strategy. With their products primarily on-shelf at natural products and specialty stores, transitioning to mainstream retail, and connecting with consumers who are looking for healthier alternatives, was vital to the success of the relaunch.

Part of the process was rebranding. “Good Health, is a strong brand and a great name for healthy snacks, continues Allebach. We simply needed a new look and message that resonated with mainstream shoppers, but didn’t alienate the primary core of natural product consumers.”

A contemporary sun design, surrounding the words Good Health, created a warm, natural, inviting feel for the brand. Accompanied by the new slogan “Enjoy Being Good,” gives consumers the license to snack—and still feel good about it, not the traditional guilt that comes with snacking. New packaging was then designed, with the same natural, healthy feel. Sunrays were used in the background, as well as vibrant colors to create a strong brand-block on-shelf.

Several versions of the new brand were then tested with Affinnova Research, a global research firm who has worked with some of the largest brands in the world. Affinnova uses a proprietary research process that utilizes a combination of collaboration, optimization and predictive analytics, to discover the optimal consumer brand look and messaging.

Good Health is now positioned to inspire consumers to enjoy snacking and feel good about it. The brand is rolling out nationally and should be fully implemented on-shelf over the next few months.

About Good Health Natural Foods:
Good Health Snacks is an innovator and leader, dedicated to making healthy snacking more accessible to individuals and families by emphasizing affordability, nutrition and great taste. It is based in Greensboro, NC and has been in business for over 20 years.

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About Allebach Communications:
Allebach Communications has been in business nearly 25 years servicing regional, national, and global clients and brands such as Hatfield Quality Meats, Univest Bank & Trust, Utz Quality Foods, Alouette Cheese, Amoroso’s, Aramark, Atkins Nutritionals, Bell & Evans, Flowers Foods, Icelandic Seafood, Pretzel Crisps, Sabra Hummus, Inc., and Olympus.

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Allebach Partners with Good Health Snacks to Relaunch Brand