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Allebach launched the lively Steak-Umm personality on Twitter, late summer of 2017. Steak-Umm has gained incredible momentum, from a few thousand organic impressions, to 100s of millions.

We Built a Brand Community

At times the conversation is wholesome, existential, belligerent, nonchalant, weird, or motivational. The Steak-Umm Twitter personality has broken through the wall when it comes to relating to consumers in an authentic, genuine manner.

This dialogue with followers comes across as an unscripted, spontaneous stream of consciousness, in a brand voice and tone that feels more like your crazy buddy, than a brand or company.


One of the biggest trending conversations, focuses on Twitter’s unwillingness to verify Steak-Umm, which birthed the #VerifySteakUmm movement. A grassroots campaign that brings their beefy community, and those who have been oppressed by the system, together for the common cause of getting Steak-Umm verified.

Influencers & Brand Connections

It didn’t take long for this unique voice and personality to start getting attention…gaining followers, celebrity endorsements, influencers, and other major brands.

Initial Media Outreach

The success of the Steak-Umm Twitter campaign was picked up by national and international media outlets, such as: