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With ever-increasing dietary and health issues, Sola brand centers around great-tasting products that have no added sugars. Initial product offerings were developed based on consumer consumption and the opportunity to demonstrate the brand mission and product attributes. With no brand awareness, we were tasked with launching in 6 very competitive and well-developed categories.


Launch the brand in a very targeted geography. Develop distinctive brand messaging and creative. Utilize a multi-platform digital campaign, supported by in-store initiatives.


    product lineup
  • Month-over-month growth in all six product categories
  • Current distribution and sales has opened up additional retailers to test specific products to prove out concept
  • Consumer trial has been driven by strong awareness  in geo of retail locations and strong incentives for trial
  • Consumer engagement and response to brand  messaging and performance has be extremely positive, which has led to expanding messaging through testimonials


With Purdue Research that showed Sola products tasted as good
or better than top brands in the category—with ZERO insulin spike,
we developed the key messaging for the launch:

Sola has incredibly delicious, better-for-you foods—without all the
sugar and low in net carbs. Make Sola the delicious choice for your healthier lifestyle.


Store/zip code specific to each retailer location
– Data that validates purchase and/or interest in product category
– Demographic profile that targets consumers interested in healthy lifestyles, dieting, low sugar etc.

  • Maximize reach within target geography to get the brand name, positioning and messaging out to as many people as possible and drive consumers to shelf
  • Measurable and scalable tactics – allowing us to monitor and validate results and assist campaign calibration
  • Incorporate in-store tactics/merchandising to attract consumers to the Sola brand while other leading/established brands are actively driving consumers to the category
  • Promote trade program/offers in advertising campaign to increase incentive to purchase

Fully-Integrated Account SPECIFIC Media APPROACH

Digital Outbound & Retargeting Map

In-Store Brand & Product Journey

Sampling of Campaign Creative Assets

Digital/Social Video Advertising

Brand and Product Level Video Creative